Music for the Caring Community in Dorset – david pickett guitar


david pickett guitar –


Lounge Music

My guitar music is ideal for lounge/dining hall recitals providing a relaxed, therapeutic and artistic soundscape that is guaranteed to give residents/service users an inspirational musical experience. An eclectic mix of music including my own ambient compositions using acoustic effects and a looper is guaranteed to be of benefit and enjoyment to everyone.  Songs range from solo pieces to songs accompanied by full backing tracks.

Music Therapy

Music therapy has far-reaching benefits for individuals/small groups who are in the following situations:


dementia / alzheimers


Music has a mysterious quality that can transcend the physical and go deep into a person’s soul/spirit to bring a measure of inner peace, inspiration, stress alleviation and even healing.  The lush, warm depth of tone of the classical guitar is particularly adept at achieving this.  Instruments can be brought in for a hands-on, engaging experience.

Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy

Because of my deep faith in God and my passion for people I love to get alongside people to offer them support and encouragement.  I can provide the following support:

Be a listening ear

Offer prayer and guidance

Reading the bible and liturgy (if required)

Facilitate communion

Lead in a hymn/song or two with the guitar